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The october project sounds amazing :) good luck with the strangers to come <3

Thank youuuu! :)

Stranger #11

Earlier, I was sitting on one of the benches outside, waiting for my next class to start, when today’s stranger sat beside me. She had bright, colorful eye make-up, and was wearing a candy-colored, checkered skirt. Just one look and I knew that I would be writing about her today. 

Halfway through our conversation, she asked me “So, do you have friends here?”. The weirdest part about it was that this wasn’t the first time I’ve been asked that. The sad fact is, it isn’t all that odd to find people who don’t have friends around here. 

That short question had me thinking all day long.

Stranger #10

[Late, short post. Yesterday was very busy.]

Yesterday, I found myself with a man who promised to stop smoking come November. Of course, all those who heard him say that gave him doubtful looks. The talk then jumped from smoking, to alcohol, to languages, and education. 

Oh I love how just one comment spark random, casual conversations.